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I want to show you guys something weeli weeli ffffunny xD

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I want to show you guys something weeli weeli ffffunny xD Empty I want to show you guys something weeli weeli ffffunny xD

Post by Peggy on Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:39 pm

Yesterday, I found this vid at youtube..
And I thought I really had to share this with you!! Razz

Ruby Man *she's from Hong Kong* filmed this, because she wanted to complain how bad her teacher's English is..
But the funny part is, she is criticizing others while her English (and Cantonese!!) isn't good either =.=
She has deleted the 'original vid', because of all those 'lovely' comments netizens left behind..
*But she was too late!! And she can't complain, because she wanted to 'share it to the hole worll' xD*

I've translated the beginning (till 1:25) *since she's speaking Cantonese*, so you can understand what she's talking about ^^ (Please tell me if I made any mistakes!! ;D)

"Hi everyone, I'm Ruby. Today was the first CE, if you don't count Art (as an exam).. This time I want to use English to film an English video.
But why? You'll understand if I tell you about it. Really.. It's really funny.. just.. Well.. When I entered the market today, I suddenly noticed..
It just looked like I was in a primary school.. And thought why are all these people like primary school students? Only THIS few people looked like secondary school students. But why? I really don't know.. It just looked like I entered a primary school. And after that.. And I think.. The teachers at school.. They should have a high English level, and that's.. It's just really funny and I couldn't laugh out loud, cuz I was in the room (during the exams). It was funny, but I couldn't laugh.. So it was terrible.. So I.. But why..? Now I'll talk in English, cuz I want to show how people of Hong Kong make these mistakes.. Especially to foreigners.."
*starts to talk in English (or should I say Engrissh) at 1:25*

OMG~ Translating this part was horrible!! X.x She can't even speak proper Cantonese =.= Chick, learn to finish your sentences dammit!! *sorry for my language* I always thought my English & Cantonese pronunciation weren't good, but it's sooo much better than this chick!! Razz

Disclaimer: This is not how English in Hong Kong sounds like. It is just a demonstration of how to get the lowest grade in any oral examinations. Or you may treat this as a tactic - to get everybody laughing their ass off during their examination.
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