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To Min-Su, Jooyoung, Daniel, Kanyi, Leanne and Alexis!

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To Min-Su, Jooyoung, Daniel, Kanyi, Leanne and Alexis!

Post by Shimen on Thu May 06, 2010 4:10 am

For Min-Su, Jooyoung, Daniel, Kanyi, Leanne and Alexis:
-- Simple, please just turn your displaynames (not usernames, because that's not possible ^^ ) into your real names, instead of dkdlel0605 (Min-Su, how did you come up with that one Razz ?) or kanyi144, at Profile Settings Wink.

For Daniel:
-- Somehow I'm unable to add you to DD (and I want that because then you'll appear in the 'The Dwelling Dumplings'- box and I can label your account as editor ^^ ). Did you use the invitation I sent? Leanne and Jooyoung I thought didn't, but they just made a Wordpress-account, and then I added their email addresses, and that works too. So I tried, that, but somehow Wordpress doesn't recognize yours (your namestealing one, right?). I'll send you another one now, take two :p .

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