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Are you happy today? (by: Meredith)

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Are you happy today? (by: Meredith) Empty Are you happy today? (by: Meredith)

Post by Shimen on Wed May 19, 2010 9:08 am

19.05.2010: MEREDITH:

I know how it feels to have gloomy days.

[url=Are you happy today? (by: Meredith) Study10]

Like you got endless works to do, having pressures from dad, mom, siblings and teachers?

[img]Are you happy today? (by: Meredith) Sleepi10[/img]

You don't want to do anything or talk to anyone. You just want to escape from this tragic truth that the world isn't that good as you think by sleeping or fake fainting.


[img]Are you happy today? (by: Meredith) Scream10[/img]

You want to scream out loud " WHY THIS WORLD AND PEOPLE AREN'T NICE TO ME?!"

...."How can a person's life ruinned like mine?!" You might thought to yourself. = huhwhat
Thus...you give up every hope and decide to mourn on your misfortune?


But after all...

Life is full of beauty, novel, encouraging and happy things.

Like... romance imlovingit ?
Nonstop working but with endless holidays... santa?

Or the joy of discoverying new things?

[img]Are you happy today? (by: Meredith) Hey10[/img]

Perhaps...some reasons to shopping as well?

[img]Are you happy today? (by: Meredith) Coupon10[/img]

What a Face

[img]Are you happy today? (by: Meredith) Cells10[/img]

Even something simple as cells under microscope did their best to live....

[img]Are you happy today? (by: Meredith) Smile10[/img]

Even fish already become food is trying hard to give you a smile....

Why can't we live in a happy life as well?....
....and think that "The World is Just AWESOME!"? cyclops

***Dedicated to all the people who are not in good moods.

( PS: The reason why I put this article in "Daliy Life Peek" is because all the pictures here were taken in my daliy life in Taichung. This is the life I have, and I am happy with it. I sincerely hope that you, who's reading this article, can be happy with your own life as well! )

[i]Beauty is only skin-deep. I have an adorable pancreas. [i]

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