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Meredith's post on cross-strait issuessss!

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Meredith's post on cross-strait issuessss! Empty Meredith's post on cross-strait issuessss!

Post by Shimen on Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:05 am

Hey Meredith^^!!

Sorry, I just went to wordpress.dwellingdumplings and saw you wrote your vol.1 of your article on cross-strait issues as ! I didn't get an alert in my mailbox, so I didn't know it was pending... sorry for the delay ^^ . But it's published now(:! It can be seen that you put great effort and have done some research too before writing this, I'm looking forward to the other volumes haha:P! Good job Wink ! (and btw, no need to thank:P)

- Shimen.

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