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Post by MakenziePanagoulias on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:13 am

Advertisers pay handsome fees to film and sports personalities who have nothing to do with the use of the products or the services, to endorse their products. It’s with the same motive the advertisement agencies are looking for child models. Children always have a special emotional appeal among elders, and it’s this crucial thing, that becomes the advantage of agencies.
However, it is not about products and services alone that people learn from advertising. Infact advertising tends to promote attitudes and lifestyles which praise acquisitions and consumption at the expense of other values. It states that advertising have a major role in shaping the attitude of the child models within such a small age. In a way it fulfills its social obligation and justice to the society in which it is built. It’s really amazing to see even kids performing in a wonderful way.
Advertising is the most visible marketing tool which seeks to transmit an effective message from a marketer to a group of individuals. A message can be made attractive only if it delivered through the right kind of person. Children are one among the most attractive sources available.


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