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Welcome to the topic of the Culture and Society.

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Welcome to the topic of the Culture and Society.

Post by Kennenth on Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:18 am

+ Culture & Society
o The Culture & Society Topic features articles about Asian culture, including the cultural differences between Asian countries
o The Culture & Society Topic includes articles about current issues in Asian society

I'm the editor Kennenth-Wong.

Asian culture is so charming in the world that many people fall in love with it. As time goes by, the long-going Asian culture developed continuously, with adaptions formed century after century. The Asian culture now is a combination of the oriental world as well as the western world. The vivid and glamourous animations from Japan, the wonderful rhymnatic pop music performed from Korea, and the booming Renaissance of the ancient gadgets as well as the thoughts from China, you could always find your own flavours.

The contents of the Asian culture differ quite a lot from country to country. You may be fascinated by the beatiful calligraphy of the Chinese characters, you may be impressed by the moving tales of the old, or you may be in favor of the Confusious' thoughts as well as Zen's meditation.

All are welcome, if you have your ideas on it!


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