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Let's kill those yawns.

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Let's kill those yawns. Empty Let's kill those yawns.

Post by Shimen on Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:41 am

CP says:

+ YawnKillers
o The YawnKillers Topic is going to include all kinds of fun ideas to do yourself, ranging from make-it-yourself facial masks to origami, ideas to try whenever you’re bored
o The YawnKillers Topic is going to feature funny Asia-related things we found on the Internet (e.g. Youtube-vids)

We are noble people, this topic is for a very benevolent cause. For all those people on this big Globe, who are bored to almost death, we will be their Lifesavers and rescue them with our wit and our charm.

Roam the Internet, and post anything that catches your interest and that can be a weapon in our war against boredom.

May the people never yawn again : ).

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